The Old Testament Come Follow Me 2022 Calendar with photography by Scot Facer Proctor. The picture is from high on top of Mount Sinai as the morning sun begins to light the stunning red granite. Here on this holy mountain, the Prophet Moses spoke to God face to face.
The great Wad Al-Arabah is the deepest rift in the earth and plunges to more than 1,300 feet below sea level. Abraham and Sarah knew this area well. Off to the west and deep in the rift were located the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Sheep grazing on the rocky and stark hills of Bethlehem. Here young David tended sheep and was anointed King of Israel.
Each spread has as its theme one of the prophets we will be studying in the Come Follow Me curriculum that month. This month of October talks frequently of the Prophet Jeremiah who stood as a witness against the wickedness of Jerusalem and witnessed the onslaught of the Babylonians and the destruction of Jerusalem.
12-month overview of the stunning 2022 Old Testament Come Follow Me Calendar. All photographs are by renowned photographer Scot Facer Proctor.
Here is a man who was born and raised in Nazareth and has spent his adult life working in Nazareth Village depicting scenes from the Old and the New Testament. A simple shepherd, Simon delights visitors and helps them visualize the ancient world.
Notice the mix of Christian holidays (Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter); Jewish holidays (Passover Eve, Passover and Yom Hashoah) and the significant weekend for Latter-day Saints, General Conference. Easily follow the Come Follow Me curriculum reading assignments at a glance each Monday.

2022 Old Testament Come Follow Me Calendar

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Just as The First Vision Calendar in 2020, the Church History Come Follow Me calendar of 2021, this stunning new calendar is offered to help every Come Follow Me student to better acquaint one's self with the marvelous Old Testament.

Scot Facer Proctor writes: "The hope I have for this year’s Come Follow Me calendar is that you will be more immersed in the ancient world of the Old Testament, that the very presence of these images in your home or office will carry your mind to a place of richness and remind you of the binding covenants of a loving, caring God who has not only never forgotten you, but is always with you."

The Old Testament might more clearly be referred to as the Old Covenant. From the beginning of time, God has bound His children to Him by covenant and this holy book of scripture documents this relationship for four millennia. Photographer and creator, Scot Facer Proctor, has always taken God’s covenants and commandments as a sign of His extreme care and love for us. "He sent us to this faraway planet with a veil placed over our minds causing us to forget our glorious past, and yet through the unfathomable drop from that eternal world, He didn’t really drop us, he belayed us with these binding covenants."

Scot writes: "I know from having taught institute for so many years that the 39 books, 929 chapters and 1,184 pages of the Old Testament can be overwhelming for most students. Relatively few have ever read it through. As in our extremely practiced knowledge of First Nephi in the Book of Mormon, most Old Testament students know Genesis way better than Habakkuk.

Because of the translation from the ancient Hebrew tongue, sometimes the student may miss in the text that all things in the Old Testament point to the God of the Old Testament, who is named Yaweh or Jehovah and is the very Jesus Christ of the New Testament. His name is used 235 times in Genesis alone. So, though it may not be readily seen in the English, everything in the Old Testament, not just the law of Moses, points to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Mount Sinai (the cover image of the calendar) was one of the heavenly hinge points of the ancient world. Here Moses and Jehovah met and conversed. “And the Lord spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.” (Exodus 33:11) Here, Moses received the Law. Here Moses was shown all the inhabitants who had ever or will ever live on this earth. Here he was shown every particle of the earth, discerning it by the Spirit of the Lord.

Enjoy this year's Come Follow Me calendar. Great gift ideas for immediate family, friends, ministering families, ministering brothers and sisters, neighbors, children and friends of other faiths who are believers.